Additives & Stabilizers

Additives & Stabilizers

Campden Tablets (KMS/SMS)

Campden tablets suppress yeast activity and can be used instead of heat pasteurizing your wine must or cider. Campden is also very useful in removing chloramines from city water supplies, highly recommended if using tap water in your brews.

Glycerin (4floz) / Super-Smoother

Glycerin and Super-Smoother can smooth out a wine's flavor profile and make it ready to drink quicker. If you have some sharp flavor notes it can be helpful.

Potassium Sorbate, 1oz

Potassium sorbate suppresses bacteria and is useful in stabilizing your wine from further fermentation activity.

Wine Tannin, 1oz

Wine tannin adds that rich tannin feel to red wines.

Additives & Stabilizers
Additives & Stabilizers

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