Adjuncts, Enzymes & Fining Agents


Adjuncts are typically used to improve head retention, alter the body (lighter or heavier), and/or soften the palate of your beer.

Rice hulls are recommended to use with huskless and/or glucan-rich malts such as rye or wheat in the mash. They do not alter color or flavor and only help improve lautering. Use at least 1 oz. of rice hulls per lb of huskless grain in the mash.

Maize and rice add fermentable sugars without much else. These can raise finished alcohol levels without extra body and color, leading to "crisp" beers. Maize and rice do not provide nutrients for yeast health and when used in large quantities you may wish to supplement with yeast nutrient.

Barley, wheat, oats, and rye add proteins that help with head retention and body. Some Belgian styles demand large quantities. Excessive use can lead to haze (sometimes desirable). Unmalted grain like this is also excellent for use in sour ales!


Rice Hulls (Lautering Aids)

- Torrified Wheat
- Soft Red Wheat Flakes
- Flaked Barley
- Flaked Oats
- Flaked Maize
- Flaked Rice
- Flaked Rye

Packaged by the pound. Keep these in mind if you're designing your next brew. Rice hulls are included in this list but are a lautering aid. Starting at $1.89/lb.

When using adjuncts be sure to use sufficient base malt to convert the starches. These do not contain their own enzymes. All of our adjuncts are already heat processed (flaked or torrified) and do not require cooking before mashing.



Amylase Enzymes (1oz)

Amylase enzymes are naturally in a mash and they convert starches into sugars such as maltose. When using a lot of adjuncts the mash can be supplemented. If the temperature is accidentally brought too high in the mash this enzyme can be re-added once cooled down to proper temps. In rare cases it is used to over-attenuate a beer.

Pectic Enzymes (1oz)

Pectic enzyme is useful any time fruit or fruit juice has been subjected to heat. Heat can set the pectins causing a haze that is nearly impossible to eliminate. Be sure to treat with pectic enzyme before fermentation for best results.

Fining Agents
Fining Agents

Fining Agents

Fining agents help to bring crystal clarity to your beer, wine, or cider. Fining agents remove polyphenols, proteins, and/or yeast. Care should be taken not to over-fine your brew as it can strip it of color, flavor, and reduce head stability in beer. Always follow recommended dosage. Clarity Ferm can produce a very low gluten beer for those sensitive to gluten proteins.

- Bentonite, 4oz
- Irish Moss, 1oz
- Irish Moss, 1 lb
- Isinglass, Liquid, 1.5oz
- Super-Kleer K.C.
- Whirlfloc Tablets, 10 count
- White Labs Clarity Ferm

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