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Ingredient Kits to start your Wine Cellar

Winexpert Kits

Vintner's Reserve

Sauvignon Blanc

World Vineyard

California Moscato
California Trinity Red
California Zinfandel
Chile Sauvignon Blanc
Italian Pinot Grigio
French Cabernet Sauvignon

Winexpert 1 Gallon Kits

World Vineyard

California Moscato
California Pinot Noir
Australian Chardonnay
Chile Merlot
Italian Pinot Grigio
California Cabernet Sauvignon

RJ Spagnols Kits

Grand Cru

Saugignon Blanc
Zinfandel Blush

Grand Cru International

California Syrah
Italian Sangiovese
Italian Pinot Grigio
Wineexpert Kits Wineexpert Kits

Your wine is only as good as the grapes used in the must. I've enjoyed making wine from fresh grown grapes but it's hard to compete with the juice in these kits. These kits use must from some of the best wineries around the world. They are pre-balanced and aseptically packaged making your wine quick and easy to produce. Kits come with fining agents, clarifiers, stabilizers, yeast, and any other needed ingredients (including grape seeds and skins in premium kits). Wine kits make 6 gallons of finished wine (2 1/2 cases).

Kits from both Winexpert and RJ Spagnols, we are happy to special order from either. Start building your cellar today!

RJ Spagnols Kits RJ Spagnols Kits

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