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Oktoberfest - Then and Now

History - Munich, Germany

Oktoberfest originated on October 12, 1810 in Munich, Germany. It began as the

celebration of the marriage of the crown prince of Bavaria to the Princess Therese von Schsen-Hildburghausen. The crown prince later became King Louis I.

The festival lasted for five days and ended with a horse race called "Therese's green". The following year the race was combined with a state agricultural fair, and in 1818 booths serving food and drink were introduced.

Evolution - Munich, Germany

By the late 1900's the booths had developed into large beer halls made of plywood with balconies and bandstands. Munich brewers can seat up to 6,000 in some of their beer halls. The mayor of Munich taps the first keg to open the festival. Total beer consumption during Oktoberfest is upwards of 2 million gallons! Oktoberfest breweries are also represented in parades with beer wagons, floats, and people in costumes. You can also find games, amusement rides, music, and dancing.

Oktoberfest Today in the USA

Many U.S. cities, particularly those with large German American populations, hold Oktoberfest's modeled on the original. These popular celebrations, which feature beer and German food, are an attempt to reproduce the Bavarian sense of gemütlichkeit—cordiality.

Some of the best USA Oktoberfest celebrations include:

  • Frankenmuth, Michigan

  • Zinzinnati, Ohio

  • La Crosse, Wisconsin

  • Trapp Family Lodge, Vermont

  • Helen, Georgia

  • Leavenworth, Washington

  • Denver, Colorado

what to wear

You will find some extravagant clothing guides out there on the internet. In short, ladies wear dirndls and can top it off with a flower crown and braided hair. Men wear lederhosen and can add on a felt hat, belt, and vest.

Oktoberfest in Charleston, sc

Enjoy celebrating good beer, food, and company here in the lowcountry for Oktoberfest. You can find a comprehensive list of events here. Some of these include:

Where to buy the ingredients to make your own oktoberfest beer

We know that answer is obvious, but please come to the shop and chat with us about the next beer you want to craft!

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